The Project for Improvement and Extension of Water Supply System in Comayagua City

Republic of Honduras
Comayagua City
Term of Project


Comayagua city is a main traffic point of Honduras and its population has been significantly increasing. At the same time, daily life water which has turbidity and does not meet quality standards caused by deterioration of water treatment plant, insufficient design etc., is distributed widely in the city . Also, the existing water treatment plant which supposed to treat 76% raw water from river, has not been in operation properly. Moreover,capacity of distribution reservoirs are insufficient, that consistently causes water outage.

Therefore, in order to ensure the accessibility and safety of water service in Comayagua city, following issues should be addressed: i) increasing water supply capacity by 2022; ii) restart operation of existing water treatment plant for which operation is currently suspended; iii) increasing the capacity of distribution reservoir to resolve water outages. Futhermore, Master Plan formulated with the financice from IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) in 2002, more than 10 years ago, does not correspond with the current socioeconomic situation and condition of water treatment plant, which have largely changed during this period. Therefore, this project is planned to review existing Master Plan.

From this perspective, reviewing IDB Master Plan, constrcution of a new water purification plant and a new water distribution reservoir are implemented in this project.

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Project Objective

This project aims to increase water supply, improve water quality, and extend water supply hours through the construction and expansion of water supply facilities in Comayagua City, thereby contributing to solving public health issues.

Project Description

Construction of new water purification plant (capacity: 15,500 m3/day) and water distribution reservoir (capacity: 5,000 m3) are conducted. Also we engaged in technology transfers including operator training for proper operation and maintenance of the water purification plant. Above will contribute to achieve goal of the Master Plan, to provide a continuous 24-hour water supply meeting water quality standards.