Our Service

We provide wide-range of consulting services that coordinate solutions to problems concerning water supply & environment engineering. Our service includes planing, designing, construction supervision of water supply and sewerage facilities, training of personnel and overall capacity development in water and sewerage sector services.

  • Survey

    We conduct survey & studies on existing water supply, sewerage system and water environment such as rivers and lakes in a project country. We then formulate and propose overall solutions/recomendations related water supply, sewerage and water environment issues.

    River survey in Myanmar
  • Plan

    Based on the results of the survey, we plan necessary solutions for improving water supply, sewerage and water environment problems specific to projects. We are experts in Concept Plan/ Master Plan/Feasibility Studies prioritized in implementation from technical, financial, environmental, and other perspectives.

    On-site meeting in Cambodia
  • Design

    We carry out design for water and sewerage system and facilities such as water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, water & sewer network, etc., and help client in procurement/selection of contractors through fair and transparent contract bidding process.

    Creating plan with the use of CAD
  • Construction Supervision

    We provide supervisory services to manage progress, safety and quality of the construction works. Also, we play bridging role between the Client and Contractor for ensuring desired project outcome.

    Construction Supervision in Azerbaijan
  • Management O&M

    We confirm the operational status of facilities and equipment of water utility system in our client countries, and provide technical support for our client to ensure appropriate and sustainable operation & maintenance of facilities. We also provide support in analyzing the management and financial status of water utilities in client country and give necessary assistance for planning and implementation of improvements in organizational structure and tariff collection.

    Repair of leaks in water lines in South Sudan
  • Technology Transfer

    We support in technology transfer to client staff related to water supply and sewerage operation in the country at all stages including survey, planning, design, construction supervision, operation & maintenance. We also provide implementation support for technical cooperation projects to improve water quality management, operation and maintenance of water and sewerage treatment facilities, reduction of non-revenue water, and organizational structure strengthening together with counterpart country officials.

    Field training for pipe laying in Myanmar

Contribution to SDGs

TEC International has contributed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
We have been engaged and making continuous efforts in ensuring clean water & sanitation, good health, clean environment and overall qulity of life through our sustained water supply & environment engineering services.
As one of SDG targets, we are actively working to improve water and sewerage facilities in developing countries.
What is the SDGs? Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website

    • 安全な水とトイレを世界中に
    • すべての人に健康と福祉を
    • ジェンダー平等を実現しよう
    • 質の高い教育をみんなに
    • 貧困をなくそう
    • 住み続けられるまちづくりを

    Clean Water Supply and Sanitation

    We offer contribution to clean and safe water supply and improved sanitation through our consultancy services including survey, planning, design, construction supervision, operation & maintenance of water and sewerage facilities.
    Clean and safe water supply prevents waterborne diseases, and reduces heavy water drawing and carrying labor mainly engaged in by women and children, leading to gender equality, increased access to education, and poverty reduction.
    Improvement of sewerage facilities increases people's quality of life, preserves the natural environment and contributes to develop health, hygiene and livable cities.

    • エネルギーをみんなに そしてクリーンに
    • 気候変動に具体的な対策を

    Enviroment-Friendly Facilitiy Design

    We design environment-friendly water supply and sewage facilities, actively introducing energy-saving equipment and effectively converting sewage sludge into biogas energy to contribute to prevent global warming and climate change.

    • パートナーシップで目標を達成しよう

    Support for Efficient Operation of Water Supply Utility

    We support water supply utilities in enhancing their efficiency by streamlining operation, promoting PPP, public and private partnership.

    Bringing Japan's High Quality Products and Technologies to the World

    Aiming at contributing to solving problems in developing countries through intoroducing high quality Japanese products and technologies, we are consistently working with Japanese private companies to research and demonstrate the potential of businesses that can assist water supply and sewage systems in developing countries.

  • Science Experiment Program at a Primary School in Myanmar
  • Well Water Quality Testing in Bangladesh
  • Public Tap in Mali