The Project for Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Water Networks in Balqa Governorate Phase 1・2

Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Water Authority of Jordan
Term of Project


Jordan is one of the countries with the least water resources in the world. Even in Amman, capital city of Jordan, water is supplied through distribution network only 2 to 3 days (50 hours) a week, and citizens use stored water in tanks at each household. In other areas, condition of water supply is severe as water supply is limited to once a week.
Additionally, non-revenue water loss has reached up to 45%, having huge negative impact on water supply business, and effective utilization of water resource.
Since 1994, we have been providing survey, design, and construction supervision services of water treatment plants, pumping stations, and distribution networks throughout Jordan, and also we continuously support Water Authority of Jordon (WAJ) to strengthen its capacity to reduce non-revenue water.

Project Summary

The purpose of this project is to improve water supply facilities in the Deir Alla (phase1) and Ain Al Basha (phase2) districts of Balqa Prefecture. Both districts have ground elevation differences , so water is distributed mainly through pumps. However, distribution pipe networks is noticeably aging and high pressure of water pumps causes serious leakages in the water network.

The project aims to change of water supply mechanism from pumping to gravity model in order to distribute water with proper water pressure, and rehabilitation of aging water networks.

We conducted a set of consulting services from survey, planning, design, cost estimation, and construction supervision, as well as technical cooparation for operation and maintenance of water supply facilities.

Deir Alla area (phase1)

The Del-Ala area is one of the least developed areas in Jordan in terms of water supply facilities. Many asbestos pipes still remain in the water distribution pipes along the Jordan Valley. Updating asbestos pipes is the most urgent issue for the project.

《What we complete》

  • Building Ma’adi Pumping Station(Water pump 2.35m3/min x 174m, 3 units)
  • Building Ma’adi distribution reservoir (3,300m3)
  • Improving and expanding of water pipe network (Water pipe:7.9km/Distribution pipe:11.1km)
  • Installing seven reducer valves
  • Installing a monitoring system
  • Providing technical lectures
Project Map in Deir Alla area

Ain Al Basha area(phase2)

The purpose of the project is to upgrade the existing water distribution system by utilizing the water pressure in the branch of the water conveyance pipeline that is laid between the Zai water treatment plant and the Dubuque water distribution reservoir.

《What we complete》

  • Building Abu Nussair 1(900m3) and 2(1,100m3) Res
  • Installing plunger valves at 2 locations
  • Installing reducer valves at 5 locations
  • Improving and expanding of water pipe network (Water pipe:10.3km/Distribution pipe:5.0km)
Project Map in Ain Al Basha area